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Are you looking for a collaborative team of digital advertisers and specialists who can cement or reinvent your online presence?

Nice to meet you. We're Cosmitto.

What Does
"Cosmitto" Mean?

Cosmitto - Verb: to construct, connect, engage

Who We Are

We’re a close-knit team of digital advertisers, account managers, and content strategists — easy to collaborate with, experienced, on the ball, and very, very humble. We believe in cause and effect, never being complacent but always being grateful, honest reporting, asking questions, and authenticity in the online “ecosystem.” While our office is located in downtown Pittsburgh, PA, we work with companies and individuals on a local and national level.

Whether you’re trying to reinvent yourself in this digital age, accentuate your unique presence online, or better connect and engage with your target audience, we can build and execute a strategy that aligns with your core values. Interested? Take a look at our set of customizable services.

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Our Services

We offer a series of highly customizable services that function like the pieces of a puzzle. Each service, while valuable on its own, can be bolstered by the other five.

Digital Advertising

The decision to buy is happening online, so you need to be in front of the right eyes, on the right platform, at the right time.

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Website Design & Development

As a business of any kind, it’s essential to have an attractive, user-friendly website. Our web development services focus on creating custom sites that are conversion-optimized and customer-centric.

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Email Marketing & Automation

Email has stood the test of time as one of the most effective marketing tools out there, but it’s easy to botch without a long term strategy.

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Social Media Management

Social media is the best way to connect and engage. We can create, curate, and manage your social accounts in a deliberate effort to engage with the right people.

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Search Engine Optimization

We use a combination of keyword research, optimization, and ongoing best practices to improve and secure your place near the top of organic search results.

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Content Strategy & Creation

If you’re looking for blogs or other web copy, we take time to give you unique, story-driven work.

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