Pick Your Word of the Year With the Cosmitto Team

February 1, 2021

There is power in putting a name to things; there always has been. Language has the ability to build-up or destroy in a few simple words. A speech can bring us to tears, a poem can make us reevaluate, even a simple 280-character Tweet can start a movement of awareness. On the darker side of things, most incidents of organized violence in history began with the subtle integration of dehumanizing language into everyday speech. Words function like a river shapes the rock bed — after a time, a soft and malleable thing like water can carve away stone.

All of this is to say that focusing on a word and visualizing its meaning like a mantra, or incantation for life, can give shape to minutes, hours, and days. At the very least, picking a word for the new year can be a practice in planning and reflection — another little piece of the puzzle we call self-improvement. At Cosmitto, we each took a moment to consider our individual words for 2021. Here’s what we came up with:

Cosmitto’s Many Words of the Year

Nikki Staley, Owner and Creative Director: Balance

“I want to apply this word into every element of my life, whether that is balancing time for self-care, my family, or my role at Cosmitto. My goal is to give attention to the areas that need it most without sacrificing my other priorities.” 

Kate Renda, Digital Marketing Specialist: Create

“In 2021, I’m challenging myself to put more of my hopes and ideas into action, whether it’s personal or professional in nature. I want to be a creator not only of things but also of opportunities, conversations, and areas for growth in myself and others.”

Emma Sottosanti, Digital Advertising Specialist: Postulation

“I think the best ideas can come from the strangest beginnings. What starts as an intriguing thought can turn into a whole other beast when a group of minds comes together. In 2021, I seek to plant more seeds for those kinds of interesting discussions to grow.”

Ashleigh Bowling, SEO and Content Strategist: Learn

“In 2020, there were bigger problems to deal with than coming up with the most creative campaign. It’s been a lot of trusting your gut and banking on your experience, but in this new year, I want to push myself. Many businesses had to default to purely online and digital marketing this last year, so 2021 will require us to be more creative than ever. And that requires us to learn.”

Sara Shriber, Digital Marketing Copywriter: Health

“I chose this word because of the many contexts it can be applied to, such as physical, social, and mental health. I have no control over what happens because of the pandemic, but I do have control over how I can improve my health and self.”

Cheyenne Knight, Business Development Manager: Transform

“Since 2018, I’ve moved from SEO and Copywriting Intern to Account Manager to Business Development Manager at Cosmitto. I hope to continue to transform my current role in a way that best serves our team, clients, and the greater community. For a time, I questioned whether I ‘fit’ into the role, but now I understand that it’s about making the role ‘fit’ me.”

Cece LeBus, Junior Copywriter: Mindfulness

“Going into 2021, I am trying to be more present in each moment and bring awareness to all aspects of my life! Specifically, I want to focus on setting good intentions and finding ways to grow each day.”

Emily Laubham, Senior Content Strategist: Defy

“If the last year has taught me anything, it’s that resistance can be good, and that defiance is a practicable skill. In 2021, I want to defy expectations and convention (when it suits me, my loved ones, or my clients).”

Find Your Word with Cosmitto

Now, it’s your turn. If you pick your word within a professional context, sharing that with us can only help us better serve you as your digital marketing and advertising team. If you can’t seem to come to a conclusion about your word, we can tease it out together as we work toward achieving your goals. 

Reflect on the last year, and imagine what you want for the year ahead. Let’s not waste any more time — the next step is to put action behind your words. Contact us today, and we can move forward together into the exciting unknown of 2021.

All of this is to say that focusing on a word and visualizing its meaning like a mantra, or incantation for life, can give shape to minutes, hours, and days.

Emily Laubham

Emily Laubham