Quality and Relevance: The Story of Content Alignment

Like the pieces of a puzzle, there are many interlocking parts that go into content creation and digital marketing. In order to reach that sweet spot of alignment within your content, you need to focus on two key pieces within your content: quality (through your content) and relevance (through SEO and keyword research). 

In order to optimize your pages—blogs, landing pages, general web copy—you’ll need to include the proper type and number of keywords based on your research. You shouldn’t simply pepper your latest piece of content with a handful of keywords, throwing them in at random, or even worse, throwing in too many. 

When trying to master content alignment, it’s essential to have someone with a thorough understanding of content strategy to come in and add keywords. After all, not every keyword placement is valuable. It should flow naturally based on relevance so the reader would never pause to think… “Oh, another keyword.”

There’s also a hierarchy when it comes to the literal placement of keywords. For instance, some of the most important places to optimize (in addition to the body of the content) include the following:

Ideally, content alignment and optimization should be performed upfront (when the content is originally created), but it’s often forgotten. At Cosmitto, one way we “fix” this issue is by offering content optimization services through an audit system. First, we go through all of your current digital content—blogs, landing pages, web copy, case studies, gated content, etc. Then, after performing the necessary keyword research, we develop an ongoing system of incorporation and alignment that doesn’t compromise the quality of content.

Content Alignment with Cosmitto

If you would like to discuss your SEO and content strategies with Costmitto, reach out today! Whether we’re helping you create content with alignment in mind, or auditing your existing content to adjust for alignment, we’ll work with you to get the job done.