Copywriting: The Art of Merging Web Copy and Content

In the most basic sense, web copy refers to the words (copy) on a page. Now, there’s a difference between web copy created for content and web copy created for SEO purposes. Here at Cosmitto, we know the value both of these can have and think you shouldn’t have one without the other. 

The Difference Between Web Copy and Content

Let’s look at landing pages specifically. You’ll want to make sure you have your expert opinion on the page. It will be keyword-rich, using the correct terminology and explanations. Though, have you ever met someone who was very knowledgeable but couldn’t quite teach the subject? When thinking of this example, you’ll understand why content matters. Content is the meaning behind the words, images, videos –– everything on the page. 

When writing with a content focus, you’ll have the audience in mind. Content is diverse and tailored to each client. It aims to establish a consistent voice, tone, and brand credibility, and increase the amount of time a potential customer spends on your page.

Why Copywriting is Important 

While optimized web copy, mostly referring to relevance (keyword usage), authority (link building), and search engine optimization (SEO) in general, is important –– this is what gets people to find your page –– copywriting is needed to bring it all together. Content marketing and strategy are so important for web copy as it’s sharing what the words mean. It’s taking keyword research and adding them to web copy in a purposeful and understandable way. 

While a page can be filled with useful information and be keyword-rich, if users can’t understand the content on the page or get any value out of it, it’s not effective. Copywriting is providing value with your content while also compelling users to take action –– the sales/marketing of your website. 

When You Work With Cosmitto 

At Cosmitto, we specialize in content writing –– research, thought leadership, human interest features, Q&A interviews, blogs, Listicles, (and more!) as well as optimizing web copy for strong SEO. Our true expertise is shown through copywriting. It’s where we’re able to merge the web copy and content strategy together to tell a beautiful or well-informed story.