The Backbone of Digital Marketing: Analytics

Analytics and reporting are two of the most important accompaniments to any digital marketing strategy. If you’re investing money into marketing your business online, you need to be tracking and measuring how those are specifically adding to your bottom line. 

Identifying KPIs & Metrics

There are dozens of ways to measure the performance of your digital marketing. Prior to launching any campaigns, we’ll figure out which key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics align with your business’s specific goals. Defining KPIs and key metrics at the jump allows us to draw insights from data more easily and as a result, make calculated changes to campaigns in order to improve their performance in an efficient manner. 

Implementing Tracking

In order to optimize the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, you’ll need to make sure all of your digital marketing data is being aggregated properly for each platform. That means implementing and optimizing tools and tracking capabilities. Doing so allows us to see which campaigns are working and which are not. 

Custom Analytics and Reporting

Want to know how well your campaign is actually performing? Collecting, organizing, and analyzing data is key. Custom reports for each client that highlight their relevant KPIs are key to learning from your marketing data, rather than being overwhelmed by it.

When You Work With Cosmitto

With our digital marketing expertise, we can help you compare and analyze your marketing data over time. We’re even sure to take certain abnormalities, such as seasonal demands, into consideration. Ultimately, this allows us to determine the true return on investment you’re getting for your budget. With this data, we’re able to make tweaks and suggest any next steps accordingly.

At Cosmitto, we help you make sense of your analytics and campaign reports—because unless your marketing campaign decisions are informed with data, you’re really just guessing and throwing your money into the wind.