Ecommerce Solutions for Online Businesses

Ecommerce businesses operating in today’s modern environment exist in a more competitive market than ever. Customers have higher expectations and are shopping across multiple channels and devices, from brick-and-mortar stores to online and on mobile. Retailers who want to keep up in this ecosystem must be able to provide great shopping experiences across various environments and devices. The design and functionality of your ecommerce website design could make or break conversions.  

An ecommerce website is more than just a digital face of your storefront. It also houses essential business systems such as inventory, invoicing, shipping, and payment. With a well-designed ecommerce website, you’ll be able to increase conversion rates and grow your bottom line. 

What factors should you consider when selecting an ecommerce solution?

Our Process to Building Ecommerce Websites 

Whether you’re bringing your business into the digital space for the first time, needing a refresh, or looking for a platform that better fits your needs, we can help identify an ecommerce solution that’s appropriate for your business. Our ecommerce web design and development process focuses on providing users with a clear path to purchase, persuasive messaging, powerful calls to action, and a seamless checkout experience. 

In addition, we ensure your website is mobile-friendly so that your customers can browse and buy using any mobile phone or tablet. Our team specializes in designing and developing solutions on top of the WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify ecommerce platforms. Cosmitto’s ecommerce web development services include a full-featured shopping cart, product catalog, and management system with extensive customization capabilities. They’re also optimized to rank well on search engines.

Popular Ecommerce Platforms 


WooCommerce is a customizable ecommerce platform built on WordPress. With hundreds of extension options—including those for shipping, payment, subscriptions, and marketing, among others—you can quickly increase the functionality of your online store to meet your needs and your customers’ demands. This solution also offers an app to create products and manage orders on the go.


Magento is a flexible ecommerce solution that empowers business owners to create unique, interactive shopping experiences with seamless third-party integrations. With Magento, you can easily and efficiently manage your operations while using a system that will evolve as your business grows. It’s also a robust platform that supports the specific complexities of B2B commerce. 


Shopify is a popular and intuitive ecommerce platform featuring over 6,000 apps to create a robust solution unique to your brand’s needs. It has a full suite of options for business owners to succeed online, from a customizable storefront to marketing and analytics features. 

Build Your Ecommerce Website with Cosmitto

At Cosmitto, we understand the importance of having a functional, scalable solution for your online business, which is why we prioritize building ecommerce websites that convert. If you’re looking to launch your online store or refresh your current one, our website design and development team is here to help. Send us a note today or learn more about our website design and development services