Everyone’s Doing it: Google Ads

With the right mix of digital advertising services, we can help you reach the right audience at the right time on the right platform. Google Ads offers several campaign types that can be leveraged for different parts of the buyer’s journey, taking into consideration our clients’ goals, budgets, industries, and more. We assess the best strategies to move forward with and continuously optimize, adapt, and test the ads we create to generate the best results.


This campaign type is great for both lower and mid-level funnel goals. Using long-tail keywords helps us find people in the consideration stage while bidding on short-term, specific search queries can help us find users with high purchasing intent. One con of using Search is that it can be more expensive depending on certain factors, such as the client’s industry. To determine whether this is a viable avenue for our clients, we analyze their goals, budget, profit margins, and keyword bidding data. 

During the preliminary strategy stage, it’s not always clear if Search will be able to meet the client’s goals. A unique way we address this situation is by testing with microstructures. Regular Search structures include a large number of search terms, while our microstructures strategically focus on fewer. Doing this allows us to collect data to determine if this medium is a good fit, while also spending a lower budget (since we are bidding on far fewer terms).


Shopping is another campaign type that has high purchasing intent. We see it as a must for all of our e-commerce clients. Landing page experience is an important factor for all campaign types, but it is especially paramount for e-commerce sites, therefore, pairing this advertising service with web development is encouraged when trying to sell in a competitive online world. 


Display campaigns do well for clients who are looking to fill the top of their sales funnels, especially when their customers go through a longer sales journey. This is because Display has a lower cost-per-click and further reach potential by showing on sites across the web. However, since these campaigns cast a broader net, they are not the right fit for clients looking to meet short-term revenue goals. 


Clients with video assets can use them in a myriad of ways, paid advertising being one of them. While a video can also be used in a Display campaign, having video assets opens up more opportunities — like running a Video campaign on Youtube. We can determine the best strategy based on the content of the video and the video length. 


This type of campaign is relevant to clients looking to increase downloads of their App. Once a customer downloads it, we can track valuable actions within the app to determine its success, or just focus on earning as many downloads as we can, as cost-effectively as we can. App campaigns can be served in several places in the Google ecosystem.

When You Work With Cosmitto

For all online advertising, tracking is a must. Without proper setup, we won’t be able to determine true value from our advertising initiatives. This is why (at the bare minimum) setting up Google Analytics tracking is essential when working with us. Additionally, for most clients, we don’t recommend having campaigns run in isolation. Based on our discussion of goals, most campaigns succeed when running in conjunction with other campaign types (whether it be on Google or elsewhere, such as social media platforms). If you’d like to learn more about Google Ads, reach out via our contact page