…and the Survey Says: Keyword Research for SEO

You’ve heard it before: a major factor of the health of your website is your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). An SEO strategy is made up of both on-page and off-page modifications you can make to your website to help improve your organic search ranking. Keyword research is the backbone of an on-page SEO strategy and should always be the first step in the SEO copywriting process.

One mistake companies make in terms of keyword research is keyword stuffing. This means once they find high-traffic terms, they add these words to their copy anywhere they can. Your website copy needs to be authentic and sound natural to provide a good user experience. Forgoing this aspect in hopes of rising in the rankings is not only a poor strategy in terms of authenticity, but it also won’t work—Google has gotten smarter about those types of tricks over the years and will actually ding you if it catches keyword stuffing. 

Proper keyword research will equip you with a good framework for your copywriting and ensures that you are using the words and phrases your target audience is actually using. There’s a huge difference between what you think your audience is searching for and what they’re actually using. Striking the perfect balance of keyword-rich copy without sacrificing clarity or quality is what makes SEO writing an art form. 

Tools for Keyword Research

There are a few tools for keyword research with features and expertise level required. For example, small businesses benefit from using user-friendly tools such as Google Keyword Planner that can give you a base level search or allow you to dig deep such as geo-targeting your city for localized results vs nationally.t the end of the day, the two most important data points to consider are search volume and competition. You want to find the right balance between choosing keywords with high search volume, but that’s within your competition value. After incorporating these keywords on your website through copy or blogging, the final step is tracking and patience.

When You Work With Cosmitto

SEO and keyword research is a long-term strategy and not an overnight success. Coupling keyword research with Google Search campaigns can give you the best of both worlds. Our SEO strategies help your website make a steady rise in the rankings over time while staying authentic. If you’d like to learn more about SEO, reach out via our contact page. Our co-owners, Nikki and Matt, will be in touch.