For Your Eyes Only: List Segmentation in Email Marketing

You get an email, you get an email, you get an email! Nothing will make people want to unsubscribe faster than emails being sent that aren’t relevant to them. A way to combat the dreaded unsubscribe? Send the right message to the right people the first time with list segmentation. 

Basically, list segmentation is what it sounds like –– you’re sorting your email list into groups. Once your email list is segmented, you can send targeted campaigns to one group or multiple groups at a time. It sounds simple, but it takes strategic planning from the beginning of your email marketing campaigns. For instance, if you want to segment based on age, you must get the age of your customers’ at some point to know where to segment them to. Though it takes some work, list segmentation is a must for any email marketing strategy.

How List Segmentation Works

The main basis of list segmentation is splitting your email list into groups in order to send highly targeted emails. You can segment your list any way you want, but the most basic groups are by psychographics, demographics, industry, company size, and customer journey. 

List segmentation is great for drip campaigns that are based on actions. For instance, you can add new subscribers to a segmented list and send them a welcome email with a discount. The benefit of list segmentation is that it makes sending these targeted emails easy on you. You could manually send an email to everyone who makes a purchase, but that would take a lot of time. Segmentation also cuts down on human error.  In reference to the above example, previous subscribers might get angry if you accidentally send discounts to things AFTER they’ve already made a purchase. 

Why Should You Use List Segmentation? 

One of the biggest reasons why segmentation works is people love targeted/personalized emails. A HubSpot study shows that targeting emails to certain buyer personas increases email click-through-rates 16%. Just by segmenting your list, you can increase your CTRs! Some other advantages of list segmentation are: 

When You Work With Cosmitto

Email marketing, which is cost-effective and comes with high conversion rates, is a great way to tailor or re-share content with specific readers. We practice personalization, list-building, and segmentation because not every single one of your contacts likes the same content, and it’s our job to figure out who wants what and when. 

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