Engage and Educate: Newsletters

Email is no longer just a way for your grandmother to send you awkward chain letters (you remember the kind—forward this email to ten people and you will have the best day of your life tomorrow). Newsletters are only one part of an email marketing strategy, and it’s much more than just sending a quick company update. 

The main purpose of a newsletter is to engage and educate, making them equal parts informative and engaging. According to HubSpot, a newsletter “offers readers and fans who subscribe to a list of your most interesting content, announcements, and promotions.” A great newsletter will send both company and industry-based updates.

If you don’t already use newsletters for your company, or you don’t implement the practice consistently, you should rethink your email marketing strategy. Though they take time and effort, newsletters can establish a loyal fan base of customers, provide trackable results, and help to establish yourself as a reputable company. To get started, here are the basics of how Cosmitto creates newsletters that provide value. 

How We Create Newsletters

Subject Line

Even your most loyal subscribers will get sick of generic, repetitive, or boring subject lines. We make sure we’re changing subject lines to entice readers to open email after email.

Overall Look

Newsletters are a continuation of your brand’s marketing strategy. By paying close attention to colors used, your logo, imagery, etc. we work to make your newsletters consistent with everything else you’re putting into the world –– like your website and social media pages. Some other things we pay close attention to are mobile optimization, white space, flow of content, and adding alt-text on images. These things are often overlooked, but they can make a huge difference in having repeat readers. 


Think of newsletters as a way to have a conversation with your subscribers. You don’t want to just copy and paste things from your website into your newsletters –– why would people subscribe to that? At Cosmitto, we create meaningful content that gets readers craving more. 


Don’t just create newsletters just for the sake of getting content out there. That’ll feel spammy. Nobody likes spam. Every newsletter should have a point to it –– this is the Call to Action (CTA). Think of it this way –– what is ONE thing you want the reader to take away. Just one action they can take. Make sure it’s apparent, loud, and bright. 


What’s the point of spending time on newsletters if they’re not working? Things like open rate and click-through-rate are direct indicators of whether you’re creating meaningful content. The open rate alone can show you how your subject line and preview text are performing, as it’s the percentage of your audience members who open the emails you send. 

When You Work With Cosmitto 

Once you get the basics down, newsletters can get even more advanced. Will you have multiple newsletters? A B2C and B2B newsletter? Are you segmenting your list? What frequency will you send it? These questions are only a few that you should consider when creating a newsletter. It takes a lot of effort to create newsletters that generate a return on investment (ROI) –– we’ll work with you to make meaningful, high-performing content.