Outrank Your Competitors: SEO Competitive Analysis

When it comes to people finding your business online in a sea of competitors, your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy plays a vital role. One way to improve your strategy is through competitive analysis. This practice is crucial to keep a pulse on what your competition is doing to ensure you’re continuing to rank highly and reach your target audience. 

SEO competitive analysis requires you to look at things like competitor keywords, backlinks, and content to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website (and theirs!) to guide your ongoing SEO strategy. When you spend time on it, a competitive analysis can be a great tool to help you see who your true competitors are from an SEO perspective, types of keywords (and specific keywords) you should target, what content to publish, and even your unique value proposition. 


How to Conduct a Basic SEO Competitor Analysis 

While you can work through this process on your own by looking at SERPs and competitor websites and using a combination of free tools, our SEO experts are available to conduct an analysis, understand your findings, and help you leverage it to improve your site’s SEO. To conduct a basic competitive analysis for your website, follow these steps:  

  1. Identify your SEO competitors.
  2. Analyze competitor keywords and identify keyword gaps.
  3. Explore competitor content, including web copy, blogs, articles, or other resources.
  4. Analyze competitor backlinks.
  5. Identify SEO opportunities for your business. 


Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization with Cosmitto

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in increasing your website’s organic visibility for relevant search terms and bringing quality traffic to your website. A solid competitive analysis is just one necessary tool in your SEO toolbox to ensure you are making the most of your content. At Cosmitto, we’ll take a deep dive into your competition to help identify an SEO strategy that works for you! Learn more about our SEO services or reach out today