Reach Your Audience Where They Are: Social Media Advertising

When you want to reach your audience where they already are — checking their news feed on Facebook, watching a YouTube video, or reading restaurant reviews on Yelp — social media advertising can help by providing unique targeting, campaign types, and formatting options. After assessing our clients’ needs and opportunities, we will recommend which social media advertising platforms would work best to meet your goals. From there, we’ll use data to strategize, test, and adapt. 

Here are several examples of different social media platforms we leverage for our clients: 


When you think of social media advertising, Facebook is probably the first platform that comes to mind. It stands out for many reasons — for example, there is a myriad of campaign types to choose from that provide granular, specific audience targeting not found elsewhere. On top of that, formatting options add a lot of variety for A/B testing. 


A lot of businesses have a good opportunity to succeed on Instagram. Specifically, e-commerce businesses with frequent sales and discount codes. Of course, we typically only recommend this to clients who have a very visual brand.


Quora is a unique platform for advertising since it has the typical advantages of a social media platform but can also have the element of search intent while catering to a unique audience.


Though it can be more expensive than other options, B2B companies often thrive on LinkedIn. Traditionally, this platform works well for service-based businesses with a higher service cost, but not so well for e-commerce brands.


Like Quora, Pinterest caters to a unique audience. It’s great for clients who would benefit from a native advertising approach, meaning an ad that’s format and placement mirrors the organic content of the platform.


There are other noteworthy social media platforms with advertising capabilities such as Twitter, Pandora, Reddit, Snapchat, and more. We’ll be sure to assess the potential value of these options with each client.

When You Work With Cosmitto

After we analyze which platforms will work best to achieve our client’s goals, we make sure some form of campaign measurement tracking is set up (such as the Facebook Pixel) to help us determine the true value of our efforts. 

As with all advertising efforts, strategies that include a variety of platforms and campaigns for different goals are the most successful. If you’d like to learn more about social media advertising, reach out via our contact page.