What You Say Matters: Social Media Post Strategy, Creation, & Publishing

While a large part of social media management is creating and publishing posts for our clients, it’s more complicated than publishing the occasional Facebook post. In order to successfully manage social media accounts, you have to build a solid social media strategy, with creative content and stick to publishing it.

Today, the majority of businesses have some type of presence on social media. Though, most “strategies” of these businesses is creating an account on every platform and then randomly updating the page when it convenient. We’re here to tell you that won’t cut it. You want to stand out to your customers and bring value to them with each post. To do this, you need a consistent plan that includes post strategy, creation, and publishing.

Define Your Goal

The first step to any successful marketing strategy is to set a clear and measurable goal. Creating a social media strategy for posting is no different. Your posting goal may change and develop over time but it is imperative to always keep in mind the reason behind each post. Here are some of the most common goals in social media marketing

Conduct a Content Audit

After you define a clear goal, you’ll want to audit what you have been doing in the past with your content and social posts. What items still align towards your goal and what items don’t? Not only that, but take a look at if you can rework some of your old pieces to serve your new goal. This will help you move forward with determining what type of content you want to create.  

Build a Content Calendar

A content calendar is what it sounds like, a calendar that comprises of what content you want to post. It sounds simple, but there are several layers to a content calendar. When making your own calendar, here are a few items to think about: 

This list could go on much longer, but hopefully you can begin to understand where we are going with this. With all of your content, you need to think about your customer in every post. This means, creating content that is relevant to your customer, not doing it just for the sake of posting or because you think you should. 

Measure & Adjust 

Last but not least, you need to measure the results of your efforts and adjust your strategy as you go. This doesn’t mean you change your strategy every day or even week. What it does mean is that you should be taking inventory of how well you are achieving your goals quarterly, if not once a month. Based on your results, you’ll want to adjust your plan. This could mean a slight change in the days of the week you post or a large change like the type of content you are creating. 

As you can see, there are many moving parts when it comes to social media post strategy, creation, and publishing. Don’t worry though, we are here to help! 

When You Work With Cosmitto 

Our team understands that you don’t just need a presence on social media, but you need a powerful, effective, and consistent presence. Our experts keep up with the latest trends to ensure you have a solid social media strategy and are posting engaging, thoughtful content. Contact us to see how we can enhance your business through our social media marketing practices.