The Basics of YouTube Advertising for Your Business

Considering running an advertising campaign on YouTube? One of the biggest perks of YouTube advertising is that your audience is most likely engaged with the video content because of their investment in the content that follows, so you can reach your intended audience right where they’re watching. Read on to learn more about whether this form of digital advertising is the right fit for your business. 

Benefits of YouTube Advertising 

YouTube uses Google data for advertising, so you can easily create a campaign through your existing Google Ads account and measure campaign performance by tracking views, costs, and budget details all within the same platform. You’re also able to target by topics, keywords,  demographics, and audiences, truly allowing you to reach the right people with your YouTube advertising efforts. Videos are also a highly-engaging form of content when done correctly, so your ad can be a vital avenue for storytelling and connecting with your audience. 

Format Options for YouTube Ads 

YouTube has various ad formats to choose from based on your needs and capabilities at any goal stage, whether you’re looking to run awareness campaigns, consideration campaigns, or action campaigns. 


Advertise on YouTube with Cosmitto 

Whether you’re ready to try YouTube advertising again, or you’re looking to explore all that this platform has to offer, our team of experienced strategists is prepared to help you reach your goals through paid advertising. Learn more about our approach to digital advertising, or contact us today to talk with our team about your marketing needs.