Web Design’s First Step: Wireframes and Mockups

When it comes to web design and development, our approach always starts with custom wireframes or mockups. With an understanding of your users’ needs and your business goals in tow, we create a preliminary visual design before your website is fully realized and brought into the digital space.

What Are Wireframes?

Simply put, website wireframes illustrate the layout of your site. We like to think of it as a website blueprint that outlines the visual elements of your site — copy areas, images, call-to-action-buttons, navigation bars, forms, and more. In many cases, these mockups will include branded colors, typography, and other more specific visual details to closer represent the final vision for your website design.

We believe that beautiful, conversion-optimized websites hinge on successfully defining the most optimal and attractive layout from the jump. The wireframing phase streamlines communication from start to finish. This allows you to provide feedback early in the process. Ultimately, making for a more seamless and transparent web design experience.

Why Are They Important?

Wireframes also allow us to:

At Cosmitto, we feel it’s important to give our clients a clear understanding of our development process and keep you informed on our plan before we execute anything. Wireframes allow us to do exactly that. For more insight on how we create custom websites that work, check out this blog post.