Cosmitto Receives Clutch Leader Award for Top Real Estate PPC Companies

September 1, 2019

Today is a big day for Cosmitto — we recently became aware of our feature on Clutch’s annual list of digital marketing industry leaders! As a premier digital marketing agency, we offer a full range of services to clients, from SEO and web design to content and social media marketing. Clutch, a B2B market research agency headquartered in D.C., highlighted our track record of success with one of our specific offerings — PPC services for the real estate sector.

As can be seen on our Clutch profile, clients come to use for a variety of services. Our goal with every customer engagement is to foster seamless collaboration and deliver measurable results, no matter the specific tools that are used. We pride ourselves on having a team that is knowledgeable, adaptive, customer-focused, and even a little weird. Much of our success can be attributed to our uniquely effective marketers who consistently embody a values-driven approach.

By collecting and analyzing in-depth client reviews, Clutch is able to provide real insights about a wide range of B2B market segments. These reviews also offer an opportunity for companies to receive detailed feedback about their services. We’re thankful for the amazing comments that we’ve read on our Clutch profile, and our team looks forward to gaining even more responses about our services!

“Cosmitto is always flexible, and quick to give feedback or get tasks done. They do an awesome job at keeping us aware of everything that is going on, which I appreciate.” – Denise Klavon, Director of Communications, The Kiski School

“They do very well in identifying content that we should use. When they send over the content that they’re going to do for the next week, they send it with plenty of time for us to look it over to make necessary edits.” – Marketing Coordinator, Management Consulting agency

“Since we started working with Cosmitto, the number of users that have engaged with the content has continued to increase, from five or six originally to somewhere between 50 and 80 subscribers now. These are phenomenal numbers for this industry.” – Scott Pipitone, Owner, Pipitone Group

To supplement the content on their ratings and reviews platform, Clutch manages two other sites — Visual Objects and The Manifest — that offer additional B2B market insights. According to The Manifest, Cosmitto is one of the leading Pittsburgh agencies that provides digital marketing services. On Visual Objects, readers will find a digital portfolio resource that highlights work from top performing companies.

Receiving a Clutch industry leader award is a huge milestone for our company, and we’re excited about the growth that we are sure to experience because of it. We’re thankful for the amazing clients who have supported us in this journey and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 holds!

“We’re a small company in a massive industry, so it feels good to be recognized. Since significant restructuring this past year, we’ve been hyper-focused on what’s best for our clients. Their feedback, as well as this award, shows how that’s been paying off.” – Nikki Davis, Owner & Creative Director, Cosmitto

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We pride ourselves on having a team that is knowledgeable, adaptive, customer-focused, and even a little weird.

Nikki Staley

Nikki Staley