Cosmitto Stands with Small Businesses Across Western Pennsylvania and Beyond

July 24, 2020

Here at Cosmitto, we are committed to providing the best services for our clients! We assist businesses large and small with digital strategy, content marketing, web design, and more in order to help them reach their full potential. Small businesses drive economic growth in America, especially right here in Western Pennsylvania –– they make up the backbone of our economy.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience and want to offer all of our clients creative solutions and unique answers to their problems. For this reason, we invest in building out better digital strategies so they can find success through our involvement. To continue growing as a business, we look forward to new projects as opportunities to learn about what we can do better. 

As a proud Pittsburgh company, we do our part to help small businesses in our own community and beyond — and you can do the same! Love your hair salon? Show your appreciation on Yelp! Love that Italian restaurant down the street in the next neighborhood? Shoot them a glowing five-star review on Tripadvisor! 

Our preferred ratings and reviews platform is The Manifest, on which we maintain a 4.8-star average. The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, is a company listings site that highlights leading agencies and includes the best business service providers from around the world. 

In a recent 5.0-star review, Aervana’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Anna Elliott, praised our content marketing work for her luxury wine aeration company. We assist by managing their social media, organic content output, and digital marketing strategy. Aervana considers us their first line of defense in terms of community management.

“They brought our cost per conversion down, and revenue has almost doubled from $600 to $1,100, last month. The results are cleaner and smarter, and we have a great presence back on our website. I’ve been very happy with their commitment in terms of quality of work and the goals being achieved.

I love working with them. They are astonishingly affordable for the quality of work they produce. They have a level of responsiveness and client care that I’ve never had from an agency, especially one this affordable.” – Anna Elliott, Aervana Marketing and Communications Manager

We’re incredibly thankful for small businesses like Aervana, the business community at large, and our many satisfied clients! Please get in touch with us today, we would love to hear from you!

"[Cosmitto has] a level of responsiveness and client care that I’ve never had from an agency, especially one this affordable.”

Emily Laubham

Emily Laubham