Cosmitto’s Favorite Local Pittsburgh Businesses

May 19, 2021

While National Small Business Week has historically been celebrated during the first week of May, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been rescheduled for the last two years. But our team believes that there’s never a wrong time to support local Pittsburgh businesses! As a Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency, we understand just how vital small businesses are to our economy and the livelihood of our community. So, our team has put together a list of our favorite local Pittsburgh businesses to show them a little love. You’ll also find five tips for how you can support your go-to Pittsburgh spots on our blog—you may even learn that you have a little bit of marketing power of your own! 

Small Pittsburgh Businesses Our Team Loves


Nominated by Ashleigh

The staff is so nice! I instantly feel welcomed as soon as I walk in. The Shadyside location is the best to do work in or sit outside with a friend! 

Adda has locations in Garfield, Shadyside, Northside, and soon to be Downtown!
Check out Adda’s website.

Banh Mi & Ti 

Nominated by Emma 

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good sandwich, and this place has the best Vietnamese sandwiches. I love the quick at-the-counter service because, honestly, I wasn’t always up for a big sit-down to-do even before COVID. Go and order the “Feelin Tofu” and a bubble tea. Don’t leave off the sriracha and jalapenos. 

Address: 4502 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Neighborhood: Lawrenceville 
Check out Banh Mi & Ti’s Facebook.

Big Dog Coffee

Nominated by Nikki 

What’s not to love about Big Dog Coffee? The people make this place what it is. Every drink is made with care, so it always tastes better. My go-to orders are an Americano in the winter and cold brew in the summer, but anything you order from there will be amazing. Plus, Nikolay is a sweetheart. It makes my day when I go there and he greets us with a friendly smile! 

Address: 2717 Sarah Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Neighborhood: Southside 
Check out Big Dog’s website.

Highway Robbery Vintage

Nominated by Cece

One of my favorite small businesses in Pittsburgh is Highway Robbery Vintage. The items they carry are one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. I have picked up so many of my favorite clothing items and accessories there. Their overall style is unique, and I can always look to their selection for great quality clothing and fashion inspiration. I love shopping second-hand, and Highway Robbery Vintage does it best! 

Address: 2012 E. Carson St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Neighborhood: Southside
Check out Highway Robbery Vintage’s website.

Kaibur Coffee & Cafe

Nominated by Hope

They have the BEST vegan sandwiches! They also have amazingly delicious coffee. It was the first place I ordered takeout from during COVID. 

Address: 3138 Dobson Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Neighborhood: Polish Hill 
Check out Kaibur Coffee’s website.

Mi Empanada 

Nominated by Emily

Do yourself a favor and get like 20 or 30 empanadas from Mi Empanada in Lawrenceville. They make authentic Argentinian cuisine, sold at a solid price, and have yet to disappoint. How does a crispy golden pillow of deliciousness sound to you? They officially opened up their location in 2020, so you know it’s been an extra rough year. Show them some love!

Address: 4034 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Neighborhood: Lawrenceville 
Check out Mi Empanada’s website.

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream 

Nominated by Sara 

My favorite local business is Millie’s ice cream. As ice cream is one of my favorite foods, I make frequent visits to Millie’s. Not only do I love their ice cream, but I also love that they use real ingredients and are committed to sustainable practices. 

Millie’s currently has locations in Lawrenceville, Market Square, Oakland, Shadyside, and South Fayette. 
Check out Millie’s website.


Nominated by Ashleigh

The food is amazing and affordable, the staff is so caring, and the ambiance is unmatched!! I’ve never had a bad experience here! 

Address: 242 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Neighborhood: Shadyside
Check out Noodlehead’s website.

Plant Lady Wannabe

Nominated by Hope

Cute crocheted plants that look real but don’t have any upkeep! They are sold in lots of local shops and have a cool Instagram.

Find Plant Lady Wannabe products at CURIO (Zelienople), love, Pittsburgh (Mt. Washington & Downtown), Wildcard (Lawrenceville), Maggie and Stella’s (Oakland), or Songbird Artistry (Lawrenceville). 
Check out Plant Lady Wannabe’s website.

Row House Cinema

Nominated by Emily

Row House Cinema is just the loveliest little theater in Lawrenceville. They play a great selection of old and new movies. I have personally seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s there on four separate occasions. Bierport is next door, so you can order a beer with your snacks at the concession stand. 

They’ve been closed as of late thanks to COVID, but their Online Cinema is up and running. You can also rent out theaters for private screenings. And here’s some good news — they’re loosely planning a grand reopening gala sometime in September! 

Address: 4115 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Neighborhood: Lawrenceville 
Check out Row House Cinema’s website.

Sugar Spell Scoops

Nominated by Hope

They do around monthly drops of new vegan ice cream flavors sold in pints. Seriously, the coolest flavors that all taste perfect! Some of my faves have been Dunkaroos & Pineapple Express. 

Address:1014 N. Canal Street Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Neighborhood: Sharpsburg
Check out Sugar Spell Scoops’ website.

White Whale Bookstore 

Nominated by Emma 

This independent bookstore has great variety and features a lot of local authors. The staff is friendly and makes great recommendations if you want a title you’ve never heard of before.

Address: 4754 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Neighborhood: Bloomfield
Check out White Whale Bookstore’s website.

3 Rivers Outdoor Company

Nominated by Cheyenne  

3 Rivers Outdoor Company is an independent outdoor shop for new and used outdoor equipment and apparel. Over the last three years, they’ve created a hub for the Pittsburgh outdoor community, all while supporting local initiatives, businesses, and nonprofit organizations through product sales, events, and more. I love that Chris, Christine, and the whole crew go above and beyond to provide more than just a retail shop for outdoor gear!

Address: 1130 S Braddock Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Neighborhood: Swissvale/Regent Square
Check out 3 Rivers Outdoor Company’s website.

We hope that you check out some of our team’s favorite local Pittsburgh businesses! Even if you aren’t local, check out their websites—some have online stores and offer shipping for customers who don’t live nearby. If you happen to be a small business owner yourself and are looking for some digital marketing support, check out our customizable services and fill out the contact form to connect with our team.

As a Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency, we understand just how vital small businesses are to our economy and the livelihood of our community.

Cheyenne Knight

Cheyenne Knight