How Social Media Is Used To Help Your Business

April 14, 2020

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again — social media is a valuable component that can strongly influence a business and its overall mission. However, when it comes to social media marketing, not all processes are the same. Most people lump anything related to social into one category or box. 

In reality, no one size fits all. Properly tuning it to the needs and wants of your business can produce direct, organic conversations with your audience, and help achieve business goals implemented. Below we’re covering some of the biggest ways social media can help your business. 

Building Awareness

How do you expect to gain an audience if people aren’t aware of your presence? Most people are going to have at least one platform of social media — if you don’t, create an account right. now. 

Social media marketing not only allows you to boost visibility but to become active and engaged with your audience. Have an overall strategy of what you want to gain through the platform. This can be anything from wanting to feature certain products to educating new customers to discover the product itself. Or, it can be a mixture of both! 

Keeping a specific strategy will also help you to decide which social platform is best to fit your needs. Check out this past blog we did to help you decide on which type of social media your business should use for your goals.

Engagement & Reputation 

Social media is a perfect way to engage with your audience as they allow you to interact directly — through posts, stories, and media depending on the given platform. You can encourage engagement by making scheduled social posts to always have content being put out there and by using unique features as they are implemented. For example, Facebook and Instagram feature a Stories tool that allows users to post engaging content to connect with customers in ways other than just in their news feeds. Rather than a typical post, think of posting something along the lines of a behind-the-scenes look, poll, or live video. This creates different variations of postings and can create a fanbase that’s dedicated to consuming all of your content.

Your social platform will also create a space where you can track reviews, questions, and complaints associated with your business, all for free and without you asking. Social media has become a place where consumers can share or search for information and easily voice questions or issues. Having a strong social presence allows you to show those consumers that you care by responding to these comments and questions, no matter if they’re good or bad! 

Website Growth

Social media posts and ads are efficient ways to drive growth to your web presence. By publishing routine, quality content with links directly to your website, you can establish a community of followers to engage with your material. By incorporating your website to your social posts, you’ll be able to easily drive traffic and encourage further engagement. Moreover, you can boost your product and drive sales through targeted ads.

Analyze Customers & Competitors

Social media is full of data — and most of it is free to find! It allows you to track your demographics just by seeing who interacts with your content. Joining a social platform not only allows you to be part of a conversation between your consumers, but also to your competitors. You’ll be able to see the dialogue exchanged between them and their customers — aka your future customers. For example, you can find a common complaint voiced to a competitor and try to bring that audience to you by correcting that discrepancy. Or, you can see what content strikes well with your competitor’s and adjust your strategy to compete.

Not Sure Where to Start? Cosmitto Can Help!

Social media can be one of your strongest assets, if utilized correctly. A social presence allows your business a way to directly appeal to your audience and allow them to share an interest. As we’ve said, just having the platform or account itself simply isn’t enough. That’s where Cosmitto comes into the picture. 

Our experts keep up with the latest trends to ensure you have a solid strategy and are posting engaging, thoughtful content. Contact us to see how we can enhance your business through our social media marketing practices. 

Properly tuning it to the needs and wants of your business can produce direct, organic conversations with your audience, and help achieve business goals implemented.

Trevor Lake

Trevor Lake