Intern Spotlight: Molly Owens

December 13, 2019

For this edition of our employee spotlight series, we’re shedding light on our Fall 2019 Digital Marketing intern, Molly Owens! This semester was the first time we offered a full digital marketing internship at Cosmitto, and we were lucky enough to score Molly, a senior Public Relations and Advertising student at Point Park University, for the role. While Molly didn’t know she would end up pursuing marketing as a career, she recognizes that it’s a skill set that’s needed in every industry — this way, she’s able to sate her thirst for knowledge about all her interests. Prior to coming on board as an intern with us, Molly worked part-time in operations for PNC and held an internship with the National Aviary. Read on to learn more about her!

Q: How did you learn about Cosmitto?

A: I found Cosmitto on Handshake and fell in love when I read the blog post about their company culture.

Q: What have been your favorite parts of interning with us?

A: The team atmosphere is amazing. Everyone who works here is a wizard at what they do and always has each others’ backs, including mine. Cosmitto works hard but can have a laugh while doing so, which isn’t an easy feat.

Q: Since the internship was broken up by service, which service did you most enjoy, and why?

A: I loved learning about SEO. It’s an important skill that wasn’t touched on in my program at school. I love that it’s an intersection of creativity and hard data, and the effects are enormous for a company’s bottom line. I also enjoy that SEO is game-like because you have to keep up with changes made in search engine algorithms, which can happen hundreds of times in a year.

Q: What’s your dream job?

A: I’ll have a different answer for this every week, but right now it’s leading guided nature walks.

Q: What are you most passionate about?

A: Teaching people to appreciate the little things, especially in nature. I have depression and anxiety and have been suicidal in the past, but I’ve bounced back in part because I started paying closer attention to my surroundings and appreciating the life around me that can be so easy to ignore.

Q: What’s the best social campaign you’ve seen recently?

A: Everlane’s holiday campaign has put a huge focus on sustainability and reducing single-use plastics in their company and the world. I really admire that they can blend their environmental cause with their products.

Q: What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

A: @caricakez: A travel/lifestyle vlogger whose IG feed is gorgeous, @rubyetc_: A hilarious cartoonist who makes wonderful pieces about mental health, and @thedailyjames: Stars a wild raven named James who has visited a woman’s backyard for years.

Q: What about Twitter?

A: @reductress: hilarious feminist satire à la The Onion and @ProBirdRights: not even going to try to explain

Q: Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been to?

A: Dunrobin Castle in Northern Scotland. It looks like it’s straight from a fairy tale and it’s right on the sea.

Q: What’s one thing you could eat every day?

A:  S’mores Pop-Tarts. They’re my weakness.

Q: Where’s your favorite lunch spot Downtown?

A: Bae Bae’s Kitchen. Delicious Korean food!

Q: What are some of your favorite movies? Name a few.

A:Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Your Name.

Q: What are some of your favorite books?

A: Human Acts By Han Kang, H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald, Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie, and The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman

Q: What’s one song you could listen to on endless repeat?

A: “Cruel” by St. Vincent

Q: Coffee, tea, or other?

A: Tea! 

Q: What would your patronus take the shape of?

A: Pottermore said I’m a weasel. I can roll with that — I’m cute, clever, and it hurts when I bite (metaphorically).

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

A: I love the architecture in Pittsburgh. It differs from neighborhood to neighborhood but all of it is wonderful in its own way.

Q: Pierogies or Primantis?

A: Pierogies. Hot take: Primanti’s is overrated.

Q: What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?

A: Get a lawyer and a financial advisor. After the boring stuff, probably plan a long trip to Japan.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

A: Settling for less than I deserve.

Q: What are three things still left on your bucket list? 

A:  1) Be a guest on a podcast 2) Take improv classes and be in a show 3) Get a dog and do agility training

Q: Who do you hope to be in 5 years?

A: Me, but 5 years better!

I loved learning about SEO...I love that it’s an intersection of creativity and hard data, and the effects are enormous for a company’s bottom line.

Cheyenne Knight

Cheyenne Knight