Case Study: Rinovum Women’s Health

Creating Cost-Effective Content

The Stork OTC, Inc., Rinovum's privately held Women’s Health Company, was founded with the goal to empower women to take back control of their bodies. It now has the first and only FDA-cleared, over-the-counter home conception device launched at select retailers. A core component of its go-to-market strategy was providing valuable information to prospective parents, and becoming a trusted resource to their target audience.

How'd we do?

The Challenge

Rinovum and its product, The Stork OTC, struggled with visibility. Its target audience was simply unaware. Being a startup at the time of product launch, it had to weigh its options to create consistent, high-quality, and cost-effective content that would engage and convert readers.

The Solution

Our first step was to determine where the site’s content ranked organically, and assess the cause of any poor performance. We performed a full search engine optimization (SEO) audit to detect issues that may reduce product visibility. We also conducted in-depth keyword research to optimize future content and leverage competitive keywords with a higher search volume. Using this information, we created and wrote blog topics and managed a regular newsletter, which served as a distribution channel for web content, product promotions, and relevant news.

The Results

Keyword Rankings

The Stork OTC ranks on the first page for nine of its top ten search terms.

Content Engagement

In one year, average monthly blog views increased by 31%.

Newsletter Engagement

In one year, website traffic from the newsletter increased by 23%.

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