3 Ways to Keep an Eye on Your Big Picture Plan

May 3, 2019

Regardless of how you practice digital marketing – internally or as part of an agency – you’re at risk for an all too common affliction: decision paralysis. This sets in when you lose sight of the big picture. In other words, decisions become progressively harder to make if you’re more focused on the rock in your shoe than the mountain you’re already climbing. 

Working with your nose to the grindstone has its time and place, but to be successful, no matter your goals, it’s important to look up and reflect. Ask yourself the kind of high-level questions that fall to the wayside when you’re too focused on the details.

Here’s the problem: You have a lot to do and limited time to do it, which makes “zooming out” a habit easier said than done. So, what steps should you take to toss the rock and get back to the mountain at hand? 

1. Make Benchmark Goals

Never make long-term goals without benchmarks. Linking your macro and micro goals in this way forces you to acknowledge each milestone along your path, and in doing so, you check back in with your big picture strategy.

Be both timely and specific. These aren’t goals to make up along the way. Let’s say one piece of your bigger plan is to increase sales by X amount for a certain client. Plan to make progress in specific increments and by specific dates (monthly, quarterly, every six months, etc.). Measure your success by your ability to meet those benchmark goals. 

2. Audit Your Daily Operations

At least once a week, set aside time to reflect on daily operations. Personally, I’m my most productive and creative in the morning, so I set aside 30 minutes every Monday morning to brainstorm, generate ideas, and make sure I’m aligned with my big picture goals. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your reports give actionable insight on a regular basis?
  • Does your internal structure lend itself to your big picture goals?
  • Does each member of your team know what they’re responsible for?
  • Are all team members thriving in their unique positions?
  • Are there any new opportunities for growth?

3. Switch Up Your View

If you’re drowning in details, it’s OK to walk away. A simple change in scenery can work wonders. Next time frustration sets in and you can’t see the forest for the trees, shift your perspective. Take a fifteen-minute walk, grab a cup of coffee, or work on an unrelated project. 

A brief distraction is proven to help boost your ability to think creatively. Harvard Business Review says, “This explains why we discover so many solutions in odd places, like the shower, the commute back home, or the visit to the gym.”

Call Cosmitto!

If you’re struggling to see the big picture of your digital marketing strategy, don’t let decision paralysis get you down. We all struggle to zoom out sometimes, but here at Cosmitto, we’ve honed the skill. We know when to dive deep and when to take a bird’s-eye view. Give us a call if you want to talk big picture!

Working with your nose to the grindstone has its time and place, but to be successful, no matter your goals, it’s important to look up and reflect.

Emily Laubham

Emily Laubham