About Us

Want to Know More About Cosmitto?

Our Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency specializes in digital advertising, website design & development, email marketing & automation, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), and content strategy & creation. But those are just tools in a toolbox. Our big purpose is to tell the kind of far-reaching stories — your stories! — that build lasting customer relationships and drive real results.


Cosmitto is weird, and wonderfully so, although that wasn’t always part of the plan. That’s not how company culture works. It’s not a paint color or a product to pull from the shelf and set up in the span of an afternoon. There is no standard, and there are no directions.

Our culture was determined by the experiences of individual people, our shared vision, history, management style, and deliverables. It goes well beyond the work we accomplish, though, and instead focuses on how we accomplish it.

In many ways, what we describe as weird is just a willingness to view things differently, to look for the unexpected, and step outside our own point of view. We work hard to understand our clients’ opinions and experiences, as well as their own unique culture. When someone comes to us with a problem, we look at it through multiple lenses: ours, theirs, and most importantly, their audience’s.

We're Committed to
Our Values

...being lifelong learners

We're always up-to-date on industry news, and our specialists embrace weekly professional growth time, taking online courses and attending seminars. We also dedicate a big chunk of time to becoming experts on our clients' stories.

...standing by the numbers

Results are qualitative, but they’re also measurable. Staying loyal to both elements of our metrics analysis helps us deliver transparent, meaningful, actionable reports, and builds the foundation for an unshakable game plan when it’s time to make a move.


Digital marketing is interdisciplinary, and it moves at all paces. The system that works for one company doesn't always work for another, which is why you'll never find us recycling strategies. As your company grows and changes, so do the ways we help you tell your story.

...true partnership

We don't take our role as your designated marketing team lightly. Our goal is to make our partnership as seamless as possible, providing support, security, and peace of mind. We also partner with businesses and software companies to bring the best value.