Email Marketing & Automation

Cost-effective with a High Conversion Rate

Email marketing, which is cost-effective and comes with high conversion rates, is a great way to tailor or re-share content with specific readers. We practice personalization, list-building, and segmentation to help you earn newsletter signups and send the proper content to the right people based on things like demographics, past purchases, geographic area, and website behavior. You might share coupons, thought-based articles, gated content, creative imagery, or how-tos about an industry or product. We specialize in newsletters, company updates or email “blasts,” and drip/nurture campaigns.

Show Your Creativity

Email marketing strategy, like all aspects of digital advertising, can change based on analytic findings. We are always happy to test new tactics or revamp old ones if there is metric evidence for its success. More than anything, it’s an opportunity to show your creativity. Email is one-on-one communication with your potential and returning customers. You need an enticing subject line, strong design, valuable content, and solid call-to-action.


Because there’s more than one way to communicate with customers, potential customers, stakeholders, and employees. This way, they all get exactly what they want.

Drip/Nurture Campaigns

Because it’s entirely possible to nurture leads without annoying them.

List Segmentation

Because not every single one of your contacts likes the same content, and it’s our job to figure out who wants what and when.

A/B Testing

Because testing any more than two variables at once gets sticky, and because we don’t just test for kicks — we test to correct.

Ecommerce Automations

Because you should think smarter, not harder, and let your email marketing do the work for you.

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