Content Strategy & Creation

Diverse and Tailored to Your Voice

Content is diverse and tailored to each client. It aims to establish consistent voice, tone, and brand credibility, and increase the amount of time a potential customer spends on your page. At Cosmitto, we specialize in research, thought leadership, human interest features, Q&A interviews, blogs, Listicles, (and more!), and we practice internal link building strategies to decrease your overall bounce rates.

Tell Your Story

Fresh content helps improve social media engagement, too, giving you something to post about or share in your latest newsletter. We can even incorporate content into your digital advertising strategy by promoting certain pieces at certain times and on certain platforms. Ultimately, we’re aiming to tell the story of your business in a way that transcends platform. That all starts with a “why”... not a “what.”

Blogs & Articles

Because you want to start meaningful conversations, gain a readership, and build a community.

Web Copy

Because what’s a website without words? Trick question. It’s a wireframe. (P.S. We do those too!)

White Papers/E-books

Because you have the information, expertise, and answers your audience wants, but you don’t always know what to do with this knowledge.

Case Studies

Because your future client wants proof of your skills, just like you want proof of ours.

Guest Blogs

Because good backlinking is a solid indicator of relevance and credibility.


Because, as a leader, you deserve to have your story told exactly as you want it heard.

Executive Bios

Because adding bios to your website is a powerful way to share your experience and expertise.

Q&A-Style Interviews

Because there is both a science and an art behind sharing honest conversations in business.

Executive Communications

Because whether you're speaking to your internal team or external partners, your communication style doesn't have to be boring.

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