Let ‘Em Know Who You Are: Crafting Executive Bios for Your Website

Adding executive bios to your website is a great way to let potential customers get to know your leadership. In general, no matter where it’s used, the bio is a powerful tool to build your credibility and promote your business. However, we know that writing about yourself can be tricky, and the bio itself can be a tricky format — you only have so much space to express what you need to.

Elements to Writing an Excellent Bio

Ask the right questions

Realistically, you could have several different working bios in multiple places. So, ask yourself, what is the purpose of this specific bio? How will it be displayed? Who is going to be reading this? What do you want them to get from it? In some cases, your ultimate goal might be to share your accomplishments to build credibility. In other cases, you want to develop more of a rapport by leaning into your voice. 

Add relevant industry background

Your bio is about you, of course! However, context is essential and can take your bio to the next level. Talk about your accomplishments in your industry. It should be able to stand on its own. 

Strike the right balance

A compelling bio incorporates personal and professional details, but you need to strike the right balance. This depends on where the bio lives and who is reading it. Test out multiple bios that lean more in either direction. You will likely be able to use both versions at some point—for example, one for speaking engagements and another on your website. 

Cosmitto Does Bios

Writing about yourself can be difficult. Sometimes all you really need is some distance. That’s why one of Cosmitto’s content marketing services is writing executive bios. We’ll work with you to include what’s important to you, helping you craft the ultimate representation of yourself. 

If you want to learn more about this service, contact us today!