Getting it Right the First Time: Quality Assurance for Website Development

Quality Assurance (QA) is the testing process for a website that is done before the website is published. We simulate different user actions on the site during this process to see whether they work as intended. This is crucial in the website design and development process to ensure the website functions as expected before launch. 

A Website QA Checklist 

Below, you’ll find examples of things that we test to ensure our clients’ websites work.

Functional Testing

For this part of the testing, we review all of the site’s features. This includes making sure elements such as dropdowns, buttons, checkboxes, input fields, and forms work as intended. Additionally, we check that there are no broken links or syntax errors across the site. 

Performance Testing

This largely involves testing to make sure your site can handle an influx of visitors without crashing and testing how much time it takes for your site to load. 

Compatibility Testing 

Is your site accessible on different devices, browsers, and operating systems? During this process, we’ll check responsiveness, making sure that the site displays well across all screen sizes.

User Interface (UI) Testing 

This test makes sure the visual elements of the website look good on all screen resolutions and devices. This includes evaluating elements such as colors, fonts, font sizes, text formatting, buttons, layout, lists, icons, and more. 

Launch Your Next Website with Cosmitto 

When launching a new website, you want to make sure that it’s fully functional before you press publish. If it seems like a daunting task, don’t worry — our experienced web development team will work with you to design, build, test, and launch the website you always envisioned for your brand. Learn more about our website design and development services here, or contact us today to discuss your website needs.