How to Talk Like a Digital Marketer

October 14, 2019

If reading those sentences just made you nervous, you might not be a marketer. Or, you might be new to the game! Trust us, we all started with the same puzzled look you currently have. That’s why we put together a little marketing lingo cheat sheet to keep on you in case you need it. 

QuickFire Lingo! 

B2B // Business to Business 

B2C // Business to Consumer

CTA // Call to Action – this is the next step you want an audience to take 

CTR // Click-Through Rate – this is measured by clicks/impressions

CMS // Content Management System

CR // Conversion Rate –  this can be found by dividing the number of conversions (visitors who become customers) by the total number of ad interactions 

CPA // Cost Per Acquisition – advertiser pays for a specified acquisition (for example, it could be a sale, click, or form submit)

CPC // Cost Per Click – advertiser pays based on how many clicks an ad gets 

CRM // Customer Relationship Management – this is a tool to help businesses stay connected to their customers

GA // Google Analytics

KPI // Key Performance Indicators 

ROI // Return on Investment

SEO // Search Engine Optimization

Common Phrases Defined: 

A/B Testing // most likely to hear it when talking about content marketing and advertising; also known as split testing; is a method of comparing two versions of a test

Backlinks // a hyperlink from one page to another website

Bounce Rate // the rate that visitors navigate away from the site after viewing only one page; in email marketing, it’s the percentage of email addresses who did not receive your message

Copywriting // text that is written; copy could include email text, website text, social posts, blog posts

Editorial Calendar // way to control publication across different platforms 

Evergreen Content // content that is always relevant – it’s never dated 

Gated Content // all online materials that require users to fill out a form before they can access it

Inbound // using content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and branding so customers can easily find you

Landing Page // often used in ads; section of a website accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another webpage or ad

Organic Traffic // visits made that are not referred to by another means (i.e. finding your page on a Google search)

Outbound // any marketing where a company initiates the conversation and send its message out to an audience

Responsive Design // a web page that’s flexible – adjusts to the screen size and orientation 

Sitemap // a website’s “skeleton” or the breakdown of pages and how they connect

To hear me and Cheyenne gracefully run through this list (read: stumble over all the words ~in style~), check out our Coffee With Cosmitto IGTV episode. Happy marketing!

“I need a report of the A/B testing on the B2B newsletter you did last week. Make sure to include your CTAs, the CTR, and KPIs.”

Ashleigh Bowling

Ashleigh Bowling