Questions to Guide Your Digital Marketing Audit

March 2, 2021

If you haven’t conducted a digital marketing audit lately (or ever), there’s no better time than now! A digital marketing audit is just that—an examination of your digital marketing efforts.

It’s a great way to not only determine what’s working and what’s not, but it also helps you set the baseline for future marketing efforts and informs short and long-term marketing goals. 

We recently had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with the South West Communities Chamber of Commerce where we discussed how to build a flexible digital marketing strategy for the new year. The foundation of our recommendations? Conducting an audit. This process allows you to take a look at each facet of your strategy, from your website and blog content to social media and digital ads, and determine actions to help you create a marketing plan that works. 

Below, you’ll find a list of questions to help guide your next digital marketing audit. 


  • Is my Google Analytics account set up correctly?
  • Is my website mobile-friendly, responsive, and correct for major internet browsers? 
  • Is my contact information correct, and does the contact form work? 
  • Do the internal links work, and are they sending to the correct pages? 
  • Are those links opening in a new tab?
  • Is the web copy optimized for search? 
  • Are the Private Policy and Terms & Conditions pages easily accessible and up-to-date?
  • Is my website easy to navigate? 
  • Does my website load in 3 seconds or less?


  • Do I currently have a blog on my website? 
  • Is the content organized and easy to navigate?
  • Is the content easy to read and understand?
  • Are there any spelling and/or grammatical errors in my content? 
  • Do I update my blog regularly? 
  • Is the content optimized for search? 
  • Is my content formatted correctly?
  • When looking at each piece of content, ask yourself this: should I refresh, remove, or keep this piece? 

Social Media 

  • Do I have a social media presence?
  • Am I on the right social media platforms for my industry and audience?
  • Are my profiles and associated contact information correct?
  • Do I regularly engage with followers and respond to comments and messages?
  • Do my social media posts direct traffic to my website or promote another call-to-action?
  • How frequently (and consistently) am I posting?
  • What is the average number of reactions and engagements?
  • What is my most popular content on each platform?


  • Is my email list healthy?
  • Do I have a low bounce rate?
  • Do I have a low unsubscribe rate?
  • Is my subscriber list segmentation based on action or topic? 
  • Am I collecting new email addresses both online and offline?
  • Am I A/B testing email campaigns? 
  • What is my best performing send time?
  • What is by best performing send day?
  • Which emails have the highest open rate in the last year?
  • On average, which section of the email receives the highest number of clicks? 
  • What is the most common reason(s) people unsubscribe from my emails? 

Digital Advertising 

  • Am I currently running digital ads?
  • Do I have the right ad accounts set up?
  • Am I advertising on the correct platform for my industry and audience?
  • Am I targeting the right audience?
  • Are my campaigns optimized for the action or conversion?
  • Am I A/B testing one element at a time (imagery, copy, etc.) in my campaign?
  • Is my budget set property?
  • Are my campaigns resulting in desired outcomes?

Work on Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Cosmitto 

Knowing how to conduct a comprehensive audit on your digital marketing efforts is a useful tool to come back to every now and then to make sure everything is running smoothly. While we recommend you regularly pull metrics and evaluate the performance of your digital marketing plan, a deep-dive into your website, social, email campaigns, and digital advertising will help you catch something you may have missed. If you need help auditing your current digital marketing efforts or are looking for an agency partner, send us a note

Knowing how to conduct a comprehensive audit on your digital marketing efforts is a useful tool to come back to every now and then to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Cheyenne Knight

Cheyenne Knight