Social Media: The Center of the Digital Marketing Universe

December 13, 2019

As a digital marketing intern, I’m learning a ton about the channels businesses can use to promote themselves. From a solid website to a brilliant email marketing campaign, there are many ways to get a message into the world. Interestingly, it seems like the message always converges in one spot: Social media. 

Why is social media the apparent center of the digital marketing universe? There’s a number of reasons. Here’s just a few.

Social media helps you meet your audience where they are.

Meeting your audience where they are is a key element of a successful marketing strategy. It means placing your message in media that you know your ideal customer interacts with regularly. Doing so will extend your message’s reach without disrupting how your audience goes about their day.

Chances are, a lot of your target audience is on social media. According to The Pew Research Center, 69% of all adults in the United States use Facebook. Among 18- to 29-year olds, that number jumps to 79%, and 67% of that age group uses Instagram. Your potential customers are in there somewhere!

Not only are a significant number of people on social media, but many of those people also prefer to use social media during their buyer’s journey. Sprout Social found that nearly half of consumers go to social media accounts first if they have questions. One of the biggest values of social media is the ability to have direct two-way conversations with your audience. This means that not only are you effectively sharing your message with social media, but you’re also getting feedback on your brand’s successes or where you can do better. That right there is marketing magic!

Social media is user-friendly by nature.

Another aspect of social media that makes it an ideal marketing tool is how user-friendly it is for both brands and users. 

For brands, posting and community management is intuitive. The page can be managed from the platform itself, and most sites offer customization and options to schedule queue posts. Plus, you don’t have to worry about accessibility or a crashing site. Third-party social media management tools are available and may be valuable for brands juggling several accounts, but they can be pricy and take a bit more technical skill to get your money’s worth.

Another added bonus of social media is having the option to advertise through boosted posts. Getting started isn’t hard, either, but it’s easy to go overboard. Having a professional guide you through the process will make sure you’re not sinking unnecessary resources into your campaign while making sure all of your target audiences are being hit.

The data you get from social media is invaluable.

Whether you’re brand-new to social or a bonafide social pro, you should know that planning is essential for social media marketing.

To make a solid plan, you need research to back up your strategy, especially if you’re presenting the plan to your brand’s financial decision-makers. Social media platforms have analytics built-in, making data easy to access and understand. While this data is free, your brand can get even more insights with the help of third-party social media tools or an agency that specializes in social media management. 

Social media is essential to a modern marketing plan. Even though it is easy to use and can be inexpensive to maintain, it’s a good idea to have professional guidance for your brand. Why not take a peek at Cosmitto’s Social Media Management Services to see how we can help your brand make the most of social media?

Whether you’re brand-new to social or a bonafide social pro, you should know that planning is essential for social media marketing.

Molly Owens

Molly Owens