Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Hire a Ghostwriter

November 15, 2019

Ghostwriting isn’t as spooky as it sounds! Simply put, ghostwriting is content that is written for someone else who gets credit for the piece. The “ghost” is the person who writes the content, but they use their client’s voice, and the client gets the byline of the piece. However, hiring a ghostwriter doesn’t mean simply passing off the writing to someone else and slapping your name on it. There’s a lot of nuance that makes ghostwriting a valuable tool.

Save time without sacrificing quality

First and foremost, you’ll save time by hiring a ghostwriter. If you’re an upper-level manager with meetings, social engagements, and daily tasks to complete, you’re busy. We get it. Ghostwriters will do the heavy lifting—the writing, editing, and publishing—that takes time. Of course, your ghostwriter will keep you involved at each step, but your time investment in your blogs will be cut drastically while the quality will skyrocket.

You’re (probably) not a writer by trade, but a ghostwriter certainly is. When you manage your own blog on top of your other daily to-dos, you can end up rushing and ultimately not putting your best work into the world. A ghostwriter’s day revolves around the writing process, so their work will be done efficiently, consistently, and with excellent results. 

Collaborate to preserve authenticity

But wait, isn’t having someone else doing your writing for you a bit…inauthentic? Nope. At Cosmitto, our content specialists work closely with their clients to get to know their voices. Your ghostwriter will learn about you, your mission, and your manner of writing and speaking so well that they’ll be able to channel it into the ghostwritten blogs. Okay, maybe that sounds a little spooky, but in a good way! This doesn’t happen overnight, though, because it takes time to cultivate a collaborative process.

Collaborating on writing projects will produce better content. You know that old saying: “Two heads are better than one.” With ghostwritten blogs, collaboration is key. By working closely with you during each step of the process, your ghostwriter will come to emulate your style and better channel your values and motivations. Plus, you’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of when you’re not quite sure which topic to tackle next. Eventually, your ghostwriter will know your voice like it’s their own.

Hiring a ghostwriter is perfect for anyone who needs a high-quality blog but lacks the time it takes to manage one properly. Thinking this is a good idea for you and your business? Check out our content marketing services to learn more.

There’s a lot of nuance that makes ghostwriting a valuable tool.

Molly Owens

Molly Owens